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'Oneness is the potential for all sounds, but is itself silent'
'You feel more radiant, forgiving and tolerant and are a more compassionate person. This is because these are the qualities of Oneness'
'A complete breaking of the bonds that are no longer serving you. A coming back home to your point of creation, the Oneness within'
Oneness Healing...
One On One Energy Healings

Those that walk through my door are usually feeling a little confused or stuck in an energetic pattern on repeat, often one they have been trying to shift for years but that keeps showing up and they are searching for something different, something lighter and more expansive. They know that it is true and available but they just haven't been able to grasp it yet.

This is where I come in. This is what I offer.

A complete breaking of the bonds that are no longer serving you.

A coming back home to your point of creation, the Oneness within.


These healings create an energy explosion or an 'aha' moment that seems to erase the blockages and reminds you that you are an infinite being and anything, in fact, all, is possible.

You will leave knowing that you are possible and powerful beyond your belief.

That is my absolute promise to you! 


During a Oneness Healing I will 'read' your energy field and communicate what it requires and desires to free you from the stories you are living that are no longer your truth. This information is as readily available to me as breathing.


For example, often we have learned behaviours imprinted on our fields, or the mind has locked us into a certain pattern that the body, or our external world, is responding too. I ask to be the difference that makes the biggest difference, meaning I will channel whatever is required to get you forever. These healings are for those who are ready for powerful but compassionate, change.


Healings can take place in person, I am situated on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, or a distance healing from anywhere in the world, conducted via phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime. Distance healings are absolutely as powerful as in-person sessions.


Contact me for available times.

Or read what my clients have said about their Oneness Healing experience.

Kate Crozier

- Oneness Healing

ART has the power...
To make sorrow beautiful
To share loneliness
To celebrate our deepest love
To evolve our truth
And to show us our very essence.
To see this in another
Is to see yourself in another.
This is why I paint and create