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'My partner & I attended the Think Tank workshop last Friday night, and I just wanted to give you some feedback on my experience.


In a ‘nutshell’, I loved it; Kate really ‘nailed it’ I thought. She was extremely passionate & knowledgeable about the subject & that really came across in her delivery.


She blew my mind with her thoughts & ideas on energies, then masterfully guided us through some movement & into our relaxation.


At one point she commented that we all looked ‘stunned’ looking at her with nothing to say, but for my part is was because I was so busy trying to soak in the information that she was laying out for us, that I couldn’t speak.She took us so far down into our relaxation, that I felt like I was actually sinking into the concrete floor at one point, amazing.


And then the energy shift that I had, from when I walked in stressed & frazzled after a ridiculously busy week to when I walked out an hour and a half later, in a state of bliss; was a true blessing.


I believe Kate has something very special that she needs to share, and the tie in to yoga is pretty much a no-brainer.'

- Dave. S. - Owner & Director, Engineering.


'Think Tank was amazing! Like really incredible. Something really shifted for me that I had been wrestling with since moving here from the UK. Your analogy of the rollercoaster and taking the pain into our heart resonated so much with me. I have kept what you shared in my mind over the last few days processing it and low and behold, two days later something shifted and I am feeling the best I have felt since moving here. You are so very talented and thank you for sharing your beauty and this wisdom'

- Michelle. C. School Principal.


'I had an amazing experience at Think Tank, really powerful and moving. Listening to you talk and share your channel was one thing but then when you went around the room as we lay in silent meditation and placed your hands on me, well, that was another thing entirely.


Before you touched me I felt I wanted a healing around my throat, womb and heart and that was exactly where you intuitively placed your hands. Light touch, but I felt such strong energy shooting through my body. Then my throat felt like it had a blockage and as you moved your hands away I felt a clearing of this blockage. The next day I couldnt stop talking. The words were flowing freely for the first time in so long. Thank you so much'

- Claire.O.


'It is difficult to put into words what Kate does and what an incredible healer she is. I've seen Kate for one-on-one healings on many occasions over the last 5 years and every session is always so different and is exactly what I need. Kate has an amazing ability to uncover whatever it is that needs clearing, despite this sometimes being hidden deep in the unconscious. I can not recomend Kate highly enough, she is one of a kind and sich a gift to this world'.

- Helen. B. Yoga Teacher Trainer & Co-Founder of Mamaste & Calmer Kids


'I first saw Kate around 5 years ago. I was really nervous and scared and went into my first session shaking...competely unsure of what was going to take place. Its funny looking back now, thinking about how uncertain I was. Since then, I have continued to work with her time and time again over the last 5 years because that day changed my entire life. Kate changed my entire life (although she would never admit it :-) When I have a session with Kate it is like colours suddenly get brighter, everything slows down and I become calm and present and more in tune with my surroundings. I feel a sense of connection with everyone and everything. Oneness.

There has not been a single occasion where she has not enabled me tofeel completely empowered, capable, strong and positive. I have never left feeling there were something I couldnt conquer or create. 

I couldnt recomend her highly enough. She really showed me magic, I didnt know to exist'

- Alex. J. Healer, Intuitive, Artist.

ART has the power...
To make sorrow beautiful
To share loneliness
To celebrate our deepest love
To evolve our truth
And to show us our very essence.
To see this in another
Is to see yourself in another.
This is why I paint and create