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'You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it'
'This - is the heart thinking'
'Within us exists an organizing and central intelligence that can lift us beyond our problems and into a new experience of fulfillment'
'Be the difference that makes the difference'


Are you a business owner who has very real, very tangible business problems, matched with high ambitions, targets and acute accountability. Yes? Good, because believe it or not these are the VERY THINGS THAT WISH TO EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS. But you can't create this type of change on the level and dimension you have been trying too, we need to get into the energy field of the business (yes, it has it's very own field independent to you and your staff, even your brand and product) is a living breathing force to acknowledge and commune with.


I am that very connection.

I can channel the energies of your business, independent from any fixed point of view, and offer you a very clear understanding and clearly communicate the direction of exactly how you can change the problem or close the gap to you ambition.


I guarantee this is profound business sense, delivered from the very heart of your business...the founding energy. Because I know that first, before your logo or product or place was created, you met the energy of your Business and then, and only then, you birthed it into reality. It is that very energy that I commune with. The Source.

This is 'THINK TANK : Energy For Business'. 

I have recently channelled this for a number of businesses in industries including Health & Fitness, Real Estate, Mental Health, Clinical Psychologists, Education and Retail and I am looking for more trailblazer businesses to work with.

My guarantee is that if you are not 100% satisfied, and blown away, by the process and what you receive, then I will refund you 100% your monetary commitment. That is how sure of this process I am. It works! And it works fast. My guarantee.


So who Am I? (My ego...I mean experience )

Before surrendering completely to the world of Yoga, Meditation and Energy Work, I worked in Public Relations, Communications & Marketing for 12 years.

I managed global accounts in Australia and the UK, from all walks of life, including Citibank, BUPA, David Jones, Woolworths, Caltex, Government, and in the last 5 years I headed up the Data & Acquisitions Media Team for the Telecommunications Giants Telstra and Optus. These roles had high stakes, complex problems and multi faceted approaches. We were on the cutting edge of technology and solving new problems before they could arise. Yet I was somehow losing faith that any of this work was making the difference it really needed to be. I felt we were focused on putting out the small fires while running blind from the proverbial business bushfire, so to speak.

I now know that change had to be made on a different level and the source of the business.

Today, I have gone full circle on my passions, my gifts and my desire to be the difference that makes a business and ultimately, for people.

This is me. An ex-corporate, an energy worker, a healer, a channel for the energies that are here to create change.


What this isn't?

This is not me doing an audit of your business. I will not be looking at any financial papers, business plans, contracts or reviews. This is different.

This is me free from any fixed point of view, purely channeling the energy of your business as it shows me itself and putting it into well-founded words and 'advice'. From your business to you.

This is a conversation with you and any relevant 'lead staff' you desire, as this is more than enough for me to access the energy source of your business.

This is say the least!


What is involved?

I have two simple and straight forward packages currently running.

For Business Leaders. Owners. Founders. Directors. Key Decision Makers.


This is a personal one on one Discovery Session (a chat - where I receive the energies required to commune with your business.) We talk. I receive the energies. I then go away and commune with these energies further to receive your message and once compiled I will send you your Personal Channelled Message from your business. This will take written form and maybe even video and images or diagrams as well. Then, We spend the next 3 months activating your body to the new frequency your message held. This is gentle, non-invasive, hands-on treatments in your energy field (much like a massage for your energy field) where you will receive further guidance and molecular change in your resonance. This really solidifies your vision and ensures the embodiment of your optimal business blueprint.


PACKAGE 2 : For The Staff.


This is a group activation of the above. Hosted a little differently due to it being group work. This is incredibly effective and empowering for staff and your business alike. This is for those who are all in.

Ever wondered what
your business truly desires?
I know you know how it services the world; 
its products inside and out; 
the type of clients and staff it attracts,
and the locations it wants to be in.
But outside of the 'wrapping paper' of business - what does it truly require and desire?
What makes 'it' all worthwhile?
Let's ask it, shall we?