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'You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it'
'This - is the heart thinking'
'Within us exists an organizing and central intelligence that can lift us beyond our problems and into a new experience of fulfillment'
'Be the difference that makes the difference'
THINKTANK...Message, Movement & Meditation
Energy Immersions for Bodies, Minds & Businesses

What if we could use our thinking as a vehicle into the unknown?

The place where not even the teachings of a thousand books or life experiences can take you?

ThinkTank is based on the Jnana Yoga's underlying belief that all knowledge (including the solution to any problem) lies hidden within us, we simply need to discover it.

'Ever felt like you are going around and around in your mind, like being on a  merry-go-round that you can't seem to get off. You need an interrupter. To get you off your repetitive thoughts so you can receive the intuitive flashes of insight, the 'aha moments' that are available to you.

ThinkTank is an opportunity to be your own interrupter.

ThinkTank guides you to sit into your own wisdom and transcend your limitations, either personal or business-related, that are top of mind...literally!

What do we know -:
That meditation stimulates new neurological activity.
That when the mind is empty it becomes a fertile space for illumination & insight.
That as humans we process our thoughts into feelings through motion (ever heard of Bill Gate's pacing to process what he has just read?)


This is why I use a combination of Message, Movement & Meditation, to facilitate greater awareness and ultimately freedom from your repetitive thoughts or the inner critic that may be holding you or your business hostage to small change, power leaks or great resistance.


Is it time to truly break these bonds perhaps? To try something different?

The difference that makes the difference?

How do I achieve this?


Well, I know the exact energy that wants to work with you to create the greatest change either personally or in your business. I channel that energy and offer it to you through dialogue directly from the energy source (The Message) and then I help your body and mind to experience this message and actualize it, through some simple and gentle Yoga Stretches as well as a Silent Meditation (The Movement & Meditation)


These group energy immersions are proving to be powerful beyond my belief and creating immediate and significant change in people and businesses. 


When my client transforms, it is like a light switches on, a real 'AHA' moment, and they literally become the change they have been seeking, sometimes even for years. 

It is my job to help you reach in and draw this epiphany out of yourself too.


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Ever wondered what
your business truly desires?
I know you know how it services the world; 
its products inside and out; 
the type of clients and staff it attracts,
and the locations it wants to be in.
But outside of the 'wrapping paper' of business - what does it truly require and desire?
What makes 'it' all worthwhile?
Let's ask it, shall we?